Kurt Nelson – John Bargh

Kurt Nelson is an interview host, an entrepreneur, and a consultant. John Bargh is a psychologist and cognitive scientist. We found 3 podcast interviews connecting Kurt Nelson and John Bargh.

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Episodes with Kurt Nelson & John Bargh

“The primary source of unconscious priming…is your conscious experience.” Our consciousness is where we bring everything together, where we integrate and form a rich integration of our experience. This result is that this experience gets spread out to all the processes of the mind which is pivotal to how priming, an un

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Tim Houlihan + Kurt Nelson & John Bargh 22 Aug 2021 • EN

Do We Control Situations or Do Situations Control Us? With John Bargh

Can we control our unconscious behavior? How much does the situation we’re in control us? Can we prime people to behave a certain way? Is it even ethical to try? To what degree do cultural identity and stereotyping impact the automaticity of our actions? Following on from our discussion with Dr Philip Zimbardo PhD, in

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Tim Houlihan + Kurt Nelson & John Bargh 14 Jun 2020 • EN

John Bargh: Dante, Coffee and the Unconscious Mind

John Bargh, PhD is a Professor of Psychology and Management at Yale University. His name may be familiar because of the replication crisis, but there is so much more to John Bargh than a couple of experiments that were challenged during replication. John has authored more than 100 peer-reviewed articles, chapters in ov

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