Brian Krogsgard – Udi Wertheimer

Brian Krogsgard is an interview host, editor, and investor. Udi Wertheimer is a software developer, an investor, and a consultant. We found 1 podcast interview connecting Brian Krogsgard and Udi Wertheimer.

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Episodes with Brian Krogsgard & Udi Wertheimer

Brian Krogsgard + Jordan Fish & Udi Wertheimer + David Hoffman 23 Nov 2021 • EN

Debate: The morality of decentralization in crypto, with Udi and David

In this episode of UpOnly, Ledger hosts a charity debate between Udi Wertheimer and David Hoffman about decentralization and moral prerequisites in blockchain design. CMS Holdings very kindly donated $300,000 to the development of Bitcoin to sponsor this debate. Presented by FTX: https

82 min
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