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Kira Dineen is a biologist, an interview host, and an editor. Kat Arney is an interview host, a biologist, and a journalist. We found 3 podcast interviews connecting Kira Dineen and Kat Arney.

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Episodes with Kira Dineen & Kat Arney

Kat Arney & Kira Dineen 06 Apr 2023 • EN

Chris Hemsworth took a genetic test for Alzheimer's.

We’re discussing Chris Hemsworth’s recent Alzheimer's risk findings and the pros and cons of direct-to-consumer DNA testing with genetic counsellor and host of the podcast DNA Today, Kira Dineen. Full show notes, transcript and references online at  Follow us on Twitter @GeneticsUnzip This episode

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Kira Dineen & Kat Arney 06 Nov 2020 • EN

#134 Dr. Kat Arney on Cancer Evolution

Please keep our 2020 Best Science and Medicine Podcast Award momentum going and vote for “DNA Today” for Podcast Magazine’s “Hot 50” Podcasts! You can take 60 seconds to vote here now. Dr. Kat Arney is our guest in this episode of DNA Today. She is a fellow genetics podcaster! She is an award-winning science writer, au

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Kat Arney & Ron Jortner + Kira Dineen 27 Aug 2020 • EN

Rare, Well Done

We take a look at the progress that’s been made in tackling rare genetic disorders (and the challenges that remain) and we hear from a prenatal genetic counsellor about how new tests are helping people carrying genetic variations make decisions about starting a family. With Dr Ron Jortner (founder and CEO of Masthead B

35 min
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