Kimon Fountoukidis – Florian Faes

Kimon Fountoukidis is an entrepreneur, an interview host, and a media personality. Florian Faes is a business executive. We found 1 podcast interview connecting Kimon Fountoukidis and Florian Faes.

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Episodes with Kimon Fountoukidis & Florian Faes

Kimon Fountoukidis + Richard Lucas & Florian Faes 05 Apr 2021 • EN

Florian Faes: Entrepreneur and Managing Director

In this episode Florian Feas describes his route into setting up Slator: to solve problems he became aware of, as a result of working in the translation industry in senior positions. He outlines the importance of having a co-founder with complementary skills and how SaaS business tools enabled him to scale his business

72 min
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