James Lindsay – Glenn Beck

James Lindsay is an author, a media personality, and a mathematician. Glenn Beck is a journalist, an interview host, and a media personality. We found 9 podcast interviews connecting James Lindsay and Glenn Beck.

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Episodes with James Lindsay & Glenn Beck

Glenn unpacks the "Inflation Reduction" bill and exposes how much it will hurt everyday Americans. Pat Gray joins Glenn and Stu to discuss the disastrous new spending bill. Glenn debunks popular derogatory beliefs regarding some of our founding fathers. Glenn and Stu play "What's Your Line," discussing various hot-butt

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Glenn Beck & John Solomon + James Lindsay 06 Apr 2022 •

Is This Our Alamo Moment? | Guests: John Solomon & James Lindsay | 4/6/22

Glenn discusses the digital ghetto that we are currently in as the attack on free speech from social media outlets is worsening, showing how important BlazeTV and its subscribers are. Journalist and CEO of Just the News John Solomon joins to discuss his coverage in Ukraine and the smear campaign against him at The Hill

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Critical race theory is designed to be confusing. Leftists espousing it expect people to get frustrated and give up. Until now, their plan has worked. But they didn’t expect James Lindsay. On this episode of the Glenn Beck Podcast, James gives parents a practical set of tools for dealing with this dangerous Marxist mov

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Glenn interviews James Lindsay, the "world's best woke interpreter" and author of the new book, "Cynical Theories: How Activist Scholarship Made Everything about Race, Gender, and Identity―and Why This Harms Everybody." Despite his Ph.D. in math, Lindsay would fail a simple equation because he says our "woke betters" d

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Glenn Beck & Ben Domenech + James Lindsay 17 Jun 2020 •

The Woke Firings Begin | Guests: James Lindsay & Ben Domenech | 6/17/20

Even France is taking a tougher stance against violent protests than the U.S. TPUSA ambassador Reagan Escudé describes being fired from her job after criticizing Black Lives Matter from a Christian perspective. James Lindsay, author and founder of New Discourses, discusses “the cult dynamic of wokeness” and how the ide

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Glenn Beck & Peter Boghossian + James Lindsay 15 Jun 2019 • EN

Ep 41 | James A. Lindsay & Peter Boghossian | The Glenn Beck Podcast

Glenn sits down with both James A. Lindsay, an author, and mathematician as well as Peter Boghossian, an assistant professor of Philosophy at Portland State University. These two men along with their associate Helen Pluckrose spent 10 months writing 20 hoax papers that illustrated and parodied what they call "grievance

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