Jake Stenziano – Michael Blank

Jake Stenziano is an author, entrepreneur, and interview host. Michael Blank is an investor, interview host, and entrepreneur. We found 2 podcast interviews connecting Jake Stenziano and Michael Blank.

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Episodes with Jake Stenziano & Michael Blank

Garrett Lynch + Michael Blank & Jake Stenziano + Gino Barbaro 28 Nov 2018 • EN

MB 138: Syndication vs. Creative Financing for Multifamily Capital – With Jake Stenziano & Gino Barbaro

While syndication is the most popular way to raise money to fund a multifamily deal, it is not the only option. A resourceful real estate investor can leverage a number of other creative possibilities. Jake Stenziano and Gino Barbaro have built an impressive portfolio without syndicating a single deal, but now they are

35 min
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Jake Stenziano + Gino Barbaro & Michael Blank 27 Oct 2016 • EN

The Process To Quitting Your Job Through Apartment Investing With Michael Blank

In this podcast Michael lays out a clear roadmap on the best ways to start investing in apartments. He does a great job on discussing how long it should take to escape the 9-5. Michael's goal is to shorten the learning curve for his students. His sample deal package is a great resource to help beginners establish their

46 min
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