Ian Bremmer – Jordan Harbinger

Ian Bremmer is a social scientist, an interview host, and a consultant. Jordan Harbinger is a media personality and an interview host. We found 2 podcast interviews connecting Ian Bremmer and Jordan Harbinger.

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Episodes with Ian Bremmer & Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger & Ian Bremmer 17 Aug 2023 • EN

880: Ian Bremmer | Dealing with a World In Disarray

The Power of Crisis author Ian Bremmer rejoins us to assess the top threats facing our world today and the difficult choices they may force us to make. What We Discuss with Ian Bremmer: The effective unified Western response to Ukrainian invasion has transformed Russia from a would-be China into a massive Iran. China's

93 min
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Jordan Harbinger & Ian Bremmer 11 Oct 2022 • EN

736: Ian Bremmer | The Power of Crisis to Change the World

Ian Bremmer (@ianbremmer) is a political scientist, the president and founder of Eurasia Group and GZERO Media, and the author of NYT bestseller The Power of Crisis: How Three Threats — and Our Response — Will Change the World. What We Discuss with Ian Bremmer: How the COVID pandemic exposed cracks in the ability of ma

79 min
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