Gregg Henriques – Curt Jaimungal

Gregg Henriques is a psychologist, an interview host, and an author. Curt Jaimungal is an interview host, an actor, and a film director. We found 1 podcast interview connecting Gregg Henriques and Curt Jaimungal.

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Episodes with Gregg Henriques & Curt Jaimungal

Gregg Henriques & Curt Jaimungal 04 Jul 2022 • EN

Ep 59 | UTOKing with Curt Jaimungal | Exploring Theories of Everything

In Episode 56, Gregg welcomes Curt Jaimungal. Curt is a Torontonian filmmaker who developed the popular Theories of Everything YouTube channel, where he explores some of the cutting edge theorists and ideas pertaining to theoretical physics, consciousness, free will, and the nature of God. In this podcast, Curt shares

86 min
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