Daniel Dennett – Leighann Lord

Daniel Dennett is a philosopher and an author. Leighann Lord is a comedian, an interview host, and an actor. We found 4 podcast interviews connecting Daniel Dennett and Leighann Lord.

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Episodes with Daniel Dennett & Leighann Lord

Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Daniel Dennett 17 Jan 2017 • EN

Daniel Dennett: The Magic of Consciousness…Without the Magic

Daniel C. Dennett is one of the most influential philosophers of our time, perhaps best known in cognitive science for his multiple drafts (or "fame in the brain") model of human consciousness, and to the secular community for his 2006 book Breaking the Spell. Author and co-author of two-dozen books, he’s the Austin B.

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Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Daniel Dennett 11 Jun 2013 • EN

Daniel Dennett - Tools for Thinking

Host: Indre Viskontas Having spent 50 years as an influential thinker, Daniel Dennett has earned the right to tell us how to think. His latest book is a collection of 77 tools for thinking, which every self-respecting critical thinker should consider, if not actively use. American philosopher and author Daniel C. Denne

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Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Daniel Dennett 13 Dec 2011 • EN

Daniel Dennett - The Scientific Study of Religion

Guest Host: John Shook Recently, the Center for Inquiry held a conference titled "Daniel Dennett and the Scientific Study of Religion: A Celebration of the Fifth Anniversary of Breaking the Spell: Religion as a Natural Phenomenon". During that conference, John Shook, CFI's Director of Education, sat down with Dennett f

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Jim Underdown + Leighann Lord & Daniel Dennett 03 Mar 2006 • EN

Daniel Dennett - Breaking the Spell

Daniel Dennett, the author of such groundbreaking and influential books as Consciousness Explained and Darwin's Dangerous Idea: Evolution and the Meanings of Life (which was a finalist for the National Book Award and the Pulitzer Prize), is famous for being a philosophical gadfly, challenging unexamined orthodoxies in

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