Brian Crain – Erik Voorhees

Brian Crain is an entrepreneur, a media personality, and an interview host. Erik Voorhees is an investor, a business executive, and an entrepreneur. We found 3 podcast interviews connecting Brian Crain and Erik Voorhees.

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Episodes with Brian Crain & Erik Voorhees

Brian Crain + Sebastien Couture & Erik Voorhees 14 Sep 2021 • EN

Erik Voorhees: ShapeShift – Decentralizing a Fox

Erik Voorhees, CEO & Founder of ShapeShift, joins us for his 4th appearance on the show. ShapeShift recently announced they are decentralizing the company and its products, which would see the company transition from a centralized entity and platform to a DAO. With the largest airdrop in history they distributed FOX to

64 min
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Brian Crain + Sebastien Couture & Erik Voorhees 04 Jul 2017 • EN

Erik Voorhees: Prism – The World’s First Portfolio Market Platform

Shapeshift CEO Erik Voorhees joined us to discuss his journey in the industry, the evolution of the decentralized exchange Shapeshift and their latest project Prism. We spent most time diving into the mechanics and enormous potential of Prism. Prism allows users to create a portfolio of digital assets that is purely ma

61 min
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Brian Crain + Sebastien Couture & Erik Voorhees 09 May 2016 • EN

Erik Voorhees: Fooling the Fox – The Story of the Shapeshift Hack

In the short history of the Bitcoin industry, there has been an impressive amount of high profile hacks, ranging from a few hundred thousand to many millions of dollars. In all of these, customers, Bitcoin users, where robbed of their funds because poor security policies, negligence, incompetence, or plain old scamming

70 min
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