Christopher D. McAuliffe – Margaret Heffernan

Christopher D. McAuliffe is a coach / mentor, an interview host, and an entrepreneur. Margaret Heffernan is an author, a business executive, and an entrepreneur. We found 1 podcast interview connecting Christopher D. McAuliffe and Margaret Heffernan.

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Episodes with Christopher D. McAuliffe & Margaret Heffernan

Alex Terranova + Christopher D. McAuliffe & Margaret Heffernan 14 May 2020 • EN

Uncharted: How To Navigate The Future

Episode Summary We are addicted to prediction, desperate for certainty about the future. But the complexity of modern life won’t provide that; experts in forecasting are reluctant to look more than 400 days out. History doesn’t repeat itself and even genetics won’t tell you everything you want to know. Ineradicable unc

61 min
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