Andy Luttrell – Tim Houlihan

Andy Luttrell is a psychologist and an interview host. Tim Houlihan is a journalist, an interview host, and a media personality. We found 2 podcast interviews connecting Andy Luttrell and Tim Houlihan.

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Episodes with Andy Luttrell & Tim Houlihan

Andy Luttrell & Tim Houlihan + Kurt Nelson 08 Aug 2022 • EN

SciComm Summer #10: Tim Houlihan & Kurt Nelson - Interviewing Behavioral Scientists

Tim Houlihan and Kurt Nelson are the hosts of Behavioral Grooves, which is a wonderful weekly podcast featuring interviews with behavioral scientists and practitioners. For #HotSciCommSummer, I wanted to learn more about how they started their podcast journey, what advice they have for budding podcasters, and what advi

55 min
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Tim Houlihan + Kurt Nelson & Andy Luttrell 05 Oct 2020 • EN

Andy Luttrell: Pro’s and Con’s of Persuasion When Issues are Moralized

Andy Luttrell, PhD is an assistant professor of psychological science at Ball State University and the podcaster/host of Opinion Science, one of Kurt and Tim’s favorites. Andy’s research centers on people’s opinions, including when and how attitudes change. More importantly, Andy is curious about what happens when peop

77 min
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