Bob LeMent – Michael Gardner

Bob LeMent is a comedian, an interview host, and a critic. Michael Gardner is an interview host. We found 4 podcast interviews connecting Bob LeMent and Michael Gardner.

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Episodes with Bob LeMent & Michael Gardner

Miles Tidal + Bob LeMent & Michael Gardner 13 Dec 2022 • EN


Miles teaches us some new slang, while Bob tries to conduct an interview with Michael Gardner from Savaged Unfiltered. Call us 314-827-6399 Click the button below to go to a random post from Static Radio Listen to Michael on Savaged Unfiltered here: Don’t Forget to Subscribe to the s

36 min
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Michael opens up the show explains to Bob why he is running late for the show due to an unprecedented 6 car pile which led him being stuck on I-4 for an hour and half. Michael also explains his former Savaged life which led him to wild sexual hookups with women and a alcoholic lifestyle in his early 20's. We also learn

57 min
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Michael Gardner & Bob LeMent 02 Nov 2022 • EN

Ep. 344: Society of APPS

Michael welcomes back a friend of the show..... Bob LeMent of Static Radio. The two discuss the latest on the out of control of Apps everywhere here in America. Everything and anything nowadays have apps. Bob explains his latest episode with Miles getting his skin tags removed and trying to sell them to Bob. Also Bob e

49 min
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Michael Gardner & Bob LeMent 14 Oct 2022 • EN

Ep. 335: Manny 'The Mailman'

Michael welcomes Bob LeMent which is the co-host of the longest audio radio program on the internet- “Static Radio”. Also Bob introduces how Manny 'The Mailman' came into play. A must listen in show.  --- Send in a voice message:

53 min
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