Rob Brooks – KMO

Rob Brooks is a biologist and an author. KMO is an artist, an interview host, and a philosopher. We found 3 podcast interviews connecting Rob Brooks and KMO.

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Episodes with Rob Brooks & KMO

KMO & Rob Brooks 09 Mar 2023 • EN

002 - Rob Brooks on Replika AI

KMO and Professor Rob Brooks, author of Artificial Intimacy: Virtual Friends, Digital Lovers, and Algorithmic Matchmakers, talk about AI as a means of alleviating the human suffering that comes with social isolation and loneliness. In particular, Rob comments on KMO's experience using the Replika AI app both before and

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KMO & Rob Brooks 11 Aug 2022 • EN

012 Better Than Nothing with Rob Brooks

Dr. Brooks is an evolutionary biologist, the author of two books ("Sex, Genes & Rock ‘n’ Roll" and "Artificial Intimacy"), and the founder of the Evolutionary Ecology of Sexual Reproduction Research Group at the UNSW, which group's research focuses on the big questions surrounding human sexuality. In this longer-than-u

83 min
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