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Suzannah Lipscomb & Maria Hayward 16 Sep 2021 • EN

Clothing Tudor Queens

How did Tudor Queens clothe themselves? How did female fashion change over Henry VIII's reign? Did foreign Queens influence English fashion or adopt it? Did women wear underclothes? In this edition of Not Just the Tudors, Professor Suzannah Lipscomb talks to Professor Maria Hayward about everything there is to know abo

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Natalie Grueninger speaks with Professor Maria Hayward about the Great Wardrobe of the Tudor queens. Find out more about your host at On the Tudor Trail. Join our Talking Tudors Podcast Facebook group for all the behind-the-scenes news and updates. I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all my wonderful patrons! If

79 min
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Alexandra Churchill + Matt Bone + Zack White & Maria Hayward 28 Jun 2021 • EN

History Hack: Tudor Fashion

Professor Maria Hayward joins us to talk about Tudor fashion, what was 'in vogue'  and what it was even illegal to wear during the period.   Support our work at: Tips gratefully received Buy our guests’ books at H

55 min
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Suzannah Lipscomb & Maria Hayward 29 Apr 2021 • EN

Henry VIII's Billionaire Wardrobe

Venetian ambassador Sebastian Giustinian described Henry VIII as the 'best dressed sovereign in the world'. The King spent the equivalent of £2 million a year on clothes. In this episode with Professor Maria Hayward, Professor Suzannah Lipscomb gets to grips with the sumptuous garments, the fabrics (and exaggerated cod

43 min
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Sarah A. Morris & Maria Hayward 04 Mar 2021 • EN

Elizabeth I and Mary, Queen of Scots: The Meeting that Never Was

This month, we have an extra episode of the show to commemorate the life of Mary, Queen of Scots who was executed on this day, 1587. On this occasion, Sarah is in conversation with Prof Maria Hayward, from the University of Southampton. Maria is a professor of Early Modern History. In this episode, Maria dissects the c

42 min
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