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Michael Klein & Jacob Hacker 15 Mar 2021 • EN

The Politics of Economic Policies

Economists tend to consider public policies from the perspective of efficiency or equity, but do not always consider their political feasibility. However, legislation cannot take effect without the political support required to pass it, no matter how efficient or equitable it may be. In this episode of EconoFact Chats,

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Julian E. Zelizer + Sam Wang & Jacob Hacker 15 Oct 2020 • EN

#205: How the Right Rules (Jacob Hacker)

The Republican Party seems to be divided: Is it the old guard, advocating for small government and tax cuts? Or has it moved into more of an America-first, isolationist space under the leadership of President Donald Trump? In this episode, Jacob Hacker of Yale University joins Julian Zelizer and Sam Wang to discuss how

39 min
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Sean Illing + Jamil Smith & Jacob Hacker + Paul Pierson 06 Aug 2020 • EN

How inequality and white identity politics feed each other

Conservative parties operating in modern democracies face a dilemma: How does a party that represents the interests of moneyed elites win mass support? The dilemma sharpens as inequality widens — the more the haves have, the more have-nots there are who want to tax them. In their new book, Let Them Eat Tweets: How the

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Alexis Madrigal + Mina Kim & Jacob Hacker + Paul Pierson 21 Jul 2020 • EN

Political Scientists Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson on ‘How the Right Rules’

The Republican party has increasingly relied on incendiary appeals from the social right to win over voters, while advancing policies that cater less to the average voter and more to wealthy donors. That’s according to political scientists Jacob Hacker and Paul Pierson. In their fourth book together, "Let Them Eat Twee

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Terrence McNally & Jacob Hacker + Paul Pierson 28 May 2018 • EN

JACOB HACKER & PAUL PIERSON-Who Loses in Winner-Take-All Politics? You do.

Consider this a two-part episode. This week, my 2011 conversation with JACOB HACKER & PAUL PIERSON, authors of WINNER-TAKE-ALL POLITICS: How Washington Made the Rich Richer - and Turned Its Back on the Middle Class. Next week, a NEW one w/ NANCY MacLEAN on her book DEMOCRACY IN CHAINS, which reveals the GOP’s strategy

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Terrence McNally & Jacob Hacker + Paul Pierson 21 Apr 2011 • EN


Aired 04/17/11 JACOB HACKER the Stanley B. Resor Professor of Political Science at Yale University, is the author of The Great Risk Shift: The New Economic Insecurity and the Decline of the American Dream and The Divided Welfare State. PAUL PIERSON is Professor of Political Science and holder of the Avice Saint Chair o

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