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Max Masuda-Farkas & Emily Hamilton 05 Sep 2022 • EN

Emily Hamilton: Inclusionary Zoning and Its Exclusionary Effects

Inclusionary zoning is a policy born of good intentions. On its face, inclusionary zoning policies mandate that real estate developers allocate a certain percentage of new residential units to affordable housing. But do these policies achieve their intended aim? Emily Hamilton, a senior research fellow at the Mercatus

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Emily Hamilton is a senior research fellow and director of the Urbanity Project at the Mercatus Center at George Mason University. Emily’s research focuses on urban economics and land use policy, and she joins Macro Musings to talk about housing in the United States. Specifically, David and Emily discuss many of the is

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James Pethokoukis & Emily Hamilton 28 Apr 2021 • EN

Emily Hamilton: Fixing America's housing problem

In the United States, restrictive land-use regulations prevent developers from building housing in cities throughout the country. This has led to a shortage in housing supply and exorbitantly high housing costs — particularly in high-productivity cities. So on today’s episode, Emily Hamilton explains how zoning reforms

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We’re so sick of post-covid terms like ‘new normal’, mostly because our current pandemic living no longer feels new or, for that matter, normal. So, is it surprising then that buyers seem to be making long term, major financial and lifestyle decisions based on the past six months alone? Maybe not. Today, Adam & Matt di

Aaron Ross Powell + Trevor Burrus & Emily Hamilton 18 Sep 2020 • EN

Zoning Ruins Everything (with Emily Hamilton)

When you drive through any major U.S. city you will notice that there are areas filled with shops, restaurants, and office buildings, but one block over is solely single-family residential housing. Zoning regulations have stopped the redevelopment process in many of the highest demand parts of the country. But cities l

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Caleb O. Brown & Emily Hamilton 30 Aug 2019 • EN

Federal Rules and Housing Affordability

Housing and Urban Development Secretary Ben Carson has altered Obama-era federal housing rules. What does that mean for making housing more affordable and plentiful? Emily Hamilton of the Mercatus Center comments. See acast.com/privacy for privacy and opt-out information.

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