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Paul Sweeney + Matt Miller & Dan Ives + Jim Lowell + Guillermo Cornejo + Jason Greenblath 24 May 2022 • EN

Markets, Snap, Credit, And Motorcycle Sharing (Podcast)

Jim Lowell, CIO at Adviser Investments, talks about markets, investing, and the economy in 2022. Dan Ives, Managing Director and Senior Equity Analyst at WedBush Securities, discusses Snap, the NASDAQ, and other stories in Big Tech. Guillermo Cornejo, co-founder and CEO of Riders Share, discusses his company, the “AirB

25 min
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I'm joined by Dan Ives, Managing Director and Senior Equity Research Analyst at Wedbush Securities, to talk about TSLA Q4 deliveries, Tesla earnings, TSLA stock price, valuation, risks, Ford, GM, Apple, and more. Dan Ives on Twitter: https://twitter.com/DivesTech Social 🐦 Twitter https://mobile.twitter.com/heydave7 🎧

45 min
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Paul Sweeney + Matt Miller & Tom Gimbel + Dan Ives + Lauren Sauer + David Kotok 05 Mar 2021 • EN

Cumberland's Kotok: Not Seeing Inflationary Forces Yet

David Kotok, Chairman & Chief Investment Officer at Cumberland Advisors, on bond markets, inflation and the recovery. Dan Ives, Managing Director, Equity Research, at Wedbush Securities, on why the tech sell-off offers massive buying opportunities. Lauren Sauer, Johns Hopkins University Associate Professor of Emergency

29 min
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