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Buck Johnson & Charles Haywood 14 Feb 2024 • EN

Ep. 300: The Regime is Weak and Crumbling, with Charles Haywood

This week, friend of the show and all around badass Charles Haywood is back on the show. Charles is the Maximum Leader over at the and the founder of the applied political philosophy of Foundationalism. He is a member of Generation X. His views are right-wing with a future-oriented, post-liberal bent. H

63 min
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Mike Farris & Charles Haywood 10 Aug 2023 • EN

Charles Haywood of "The Worthy House" #656

Charles Haywood is a lawyer, farmer, entrepreneur, founder of the applied political philosophy of  Foundationalism and the Maximum Leader/writer at The Worthy House. On the podcast he discusses his past articles “On the Fragility of the Current Regime” and “My Advice to the Young,” we also talk corporate beta males, gi

83 min
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Brian Chau & Charles Haywood 20 Feb 2023 • EN

Charles Haywood: Virtualization, Fracture, and Rebuilding

Mentioned in the episode: Timestamps: 0:00 Dating Advice10:00 Testosterone18:00 Virtualization34:00 Fracture vs. Collapse1:07:00 Technology and Conservatism1:23:00 Power is always

162 min
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Alexandra Kaschuta & Charles Haywood 01 Feb 2023 • EN

Charles Haywood - No Enemies To The Right

I speak with Charles about his perspective on the dictum “No Enemies to the Right,” on its practical application, its potential limits, its pitfalls, its reception by people not trained in the finer points of political philosophy and tactics, and the conflicts he has been involved in trying to defend his position. Char

58 min
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Pete Quiñones & Charles Haywood 29 Jan 2023 • EN

Episode 849: 'No Enemies to the Right' w/ Charles Haywood

59 Minutes PG-13 Charles Haywood is a former attorney and proprietor of The Charles joins Pete to talk about the phrase that he typed under a Rod Dreher Tweet, "no enemies to the Right," that caused Dreher to write several response articles. Charles also answers questions about the modern regime in powe

59 min
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Buck Johnson & Charles Haywood 14 Sep 2022 • EN

Ep. 226: The Regime Will Crumble Soon. Then What? with Charles Haywood

My guest today is the Maximum Leader over at the Worthy House, Charles Haywood. Charles and I discuss the current regime, the future, young people, and how to navigate it all. Charles believes the current social and political structures will not be around much longer. What are we to do to prepare for a post-liberal Ame

64 min
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