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Jameela Jamil & Chelsea Devantez 18 Jun 2024 • EN

Overcoming Domestic Abuse with Chelsea Devantez

Jameela is joined by writer, comedian, actor, and director Chelsea Devantez (The Problem with Jon Stewart, Girls5Eva) to talk about the unspoken mundane details of domestic abuse, how to spot difficult power dynamics in relationships (and what to do about it) and how she always finds the humor from dark situations thro

58 min
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Jameela Jamil & Evy Poumpouras 11 Jun 2024 • EN

How to Defend Yourself with Evy Poumpouras

Join Jameela LIVE on stage from New York this week as she sits down with former US. Secret Service Special Agent and current TV host and author Evy Poumpouras for a unique fireside chat about women’s safety. As we’ve heard recently on social media, many people would rather be in the forest with a bear vs. a man, and kn

57 min
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Jameela Jamil & Simon Sinek 28 May 2024 • EN

Discover Your Purpose with Simon Sinek

With Mental Health Awareness Month wrapping up, Jameela welcomes author, inspirational speaker and optimist Simon Sinek (Start With Why, TEDTalk) to examine what gives our life purpose by discovering our WHY. They talk about how loneliness and day-to-day conflicts that impact our mental health, the ways we can equip ou

60 min
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How do we build authentic relationships with others and with ourselves when we feel like we're walking on eggshells so much of the time? In our deeply divided world, Africa joins actor and activist Jameela Jamil to share a new vision of authenticity, a third perspective in our highly polarised society. Bravery meets li

78 min
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Patrick Henningsen & Simona Mangiante 06 Jun 2024 • EN

Simona Mangiante on Patrick Henningsen Show - 07 June 2024

GUEST OVERVIEW: Simona Mangiante is an Italian fashion designer and model with a background and career in law. Her eclectic and versatile personality reflects her sense of style which is original yet wearable and classically feminine at the time. Shortly after she graduated in law, Simona trained (among other) at Versa

54 min
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In this episode, Jameela challenges the conventional measures of success, asking people to reconsider their priorities and question societal expectations. Jameela Jamil is an actress, TV host and podcaster, known for her role in The Good Place and her podcast ‘I Weigh’. She is widely respected as a vocal advocate for m

68 min
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