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Margaret Cho 26 Jan 2024 • EN

Not Even The Fart (w/ Margaret Cho)

It’s Citrus Season! Big Dipper and Meatball are joined by Hollywood icon and legend Margaret Cho to talk about her career in comedy, what it was like working with Mariska Hargitay, and blazing her own trail thru a ‘mayonnaise salad’ type of experience. Check out Margaret Cho’s 'Live & Livid' tour when she comes to your

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It’s hard to imagine ⁠Norma Kamali⁠ as anything other that the iconic, successful designer she has built herself to be over the last 50+ years. Her avant garde designs have graced the likes of Farrah Fawcett and Whitney Houston, and decades of creative looks have earned her a CFDA Lifetime Achievement Award. There was

36 min
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Bill Maher & Margaret Cho 26 Nov 2023 • EN

Margaret Cho | Club Random with Bill Maher

The nice man Margaret met at a dungeon, Bill plays a game called Who Was in My Body, how Margaret grew up in a San Francisco bookstore, Bill learns what a “collective” entails, changing gender in children, the process for creating stand-up comedy, why Margaret’s parents were anti-voting, why Margaret’s old friends have

67 min
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Jaclyn Johnson, one of our favorite serial entrepreneurs, is back and ready to share some of her most helpful insights as a recent co-founder of a venture capital brand. New Money Ventures seeks to invest in women-led brands that make it their mission to disrupt traditional models of products and distribution, and if t

34 min
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Rebecca Minkoff & Jill Kargman 24 Jan 2023 • EN

Encore Episode: Gucci Kneepads & Not Giving a F*** with Jill Kargman

Jill Kargman is not your neighborhood soccer mom and she doesn’t play one on TV, either. Her dark sense of humor and love of all things goth might put her out of place at most “mommy and me” gatherings, but this is especially true on the swanky Upper East Side where she originates. However, Jill isn’t one to waste her

32 min
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Yeardley Smith may be one of the most candidly open and honest interviews we’ve had on Superwomen. The multi-talented actor and voiceover artist well-known for her role as Lisa Simpson runs her own production company, Paperclip, and hosts Small Town Dicks, a true crime podcast that gets over a million downloads per mon

46 min
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