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Thomas Carrigan & Bazzel Baz 06 Dec 2023 • EN

Canada Car Bomb | Bazzel Baz (TPC #1,386)

ARC: Website: Support the podcast for as little as $1 a month Locals: Prints (posters, blankets, everything etc): Clothing Merch:

77 min
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Scott Kesterson & Bazzel Baz 20 Oct 2023 • EN

Ep2586_BardsFM - A Conversation with Bazzel Baz

#ChildRecovery #ChildSexTrafficking #HolySpiritFire iTargetPro promo code BARDS: My Patriot Supply PREPAREWITHBARDS.COM : Click here BIRCH GOLD Infokit:  >>>Text BARDS to 989898 MYPillow promo code: BARDS Go to and use the promo code BARDS or... Call 1-800-975-2939.

65 min
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Thomas Carrigan & Bazzel Baz 24 Apr 2023 • EN

Billy Waugh Stories | Bazzel Baz (TPC #1,200)

I’m gathering interviews of all personal interactions with the deceased special forces legend, Billy Waugh.  ARC: Website: Support the podcast for as little as $1 a month Locals:  Merch:

69 min
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Thomas Carrigan & Dale Comstock + Bazzel Baz 12 Dec 2022 • EN

TPC #1,025: Dr. Dale Comstock & Bazzel Baz (It Can Still Be Beautiful)

TPC #1,025 is with two former Ground Branch operators. Instagram: Twitter: Dale Book American Badass:

51 min
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Thomas Carrigan & Keith Rose + Bazzel Baz 26 Oct 2022 • EN

TPC #978: Dr. Keith Rose & Bazzel Baz (Follow God)

TPC #978 is with Dr. Keith Rose, former Armed Forces, veteran of 15 years, now plastic surgeon, and host of The Scalpel; and Bazzel Baz of CIA Ground Branch. ARC: Website: The Scalpel: Twitte

86 min
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TPC #921 is with Bazzel Baz. Baz is a former CIA Intelligence Special Operations Group Officer, a Citadel graduate, recipient of the Intelligence Commendation Medal and a former counter-terrorism officer in the U.S. Marine Corps. Baz is well-known globally for his expertise and extraordinary skillset.  Author of Terror

102 min
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