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Josh Kelley I’m a former pastor-turned-bartender, now full-time ghostwriter. A traditionally published author, I have nearly twenty books under my belt. Topics I know something about: Writing, ghostwriting, and publishing. Christianity and the Bible. Bartending and booze. Why I’m a good podcast guest: I’ve been interviewed on dozens of radio programs, a couple TV shows, and several podcasts. I’m at my best speaking off the cuff and have been told I say interesting stuff (even a car parts podcast brought me back on, even though I know nothing about cars). Okay, just a bit more about me: My wife and I once packed up our family in a minivan and drove around the country for eight months. Saw 40 states, two provinces, and Tijuana. I’m a conservative-leaning moderate who works hard to see every side of an issue. I have a dry sense of humor but still manage to make people laugh. My ADHD and dyslexia keep things interesting.

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Massiel Valenzuela-Castaneda & Josh Kelley 01 Dec 2020 • EN

106. Overcoming Dyslexia and Other Writing Obstacles with Author and Editor Josh Kelley

Overcoming Dyslexia and Other Writing Obstacles with Author and Editor Josh Kelley   He's been a pastor, bartender, and adjunct Biblical Studies professor. Josh is also a traditionally published author (“Radically Normal,” Harvest House), novelist, writing coach, developmental editor and ghostwriter.    After writing h

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