Whistling Past the Launch Pad

Are we done yet? Will we ever be?

Judging by the plethora of quotes to this effect, creative workers of all kinds have long had a bit of a problem deciding when their art/poem/book was “done.” Paul Valéry, for one, thought that an artwork could never be truly finished, and abandoning it might become an increasingly attractive option. Jean Cocteau, George Lucas, and several others all seem to have made similar pronouncements, or at least nodded approvingly upon hearing the last guy’s quote.

Fortunately, in our day and age, we have the agile methodology, which allows us to both embrace our product’s imperfections and imagine things that are not (yet) there. It is in this open-ended spirit, taking a strong cue from Elon Musk (and his regularly exploding rockets), that we decided to launch the current version of Padverb…today.

What is Padverb?

Padverb’s mission is to connect those who have something to say (let’s call them guests), those who know how to ask guests the right questions (let’s call them hosts), and those listeners who are happy – or at least intrigued – that their favorite guests and hosts have actually managed to sit down and record a conversation. In case you’re wondering, we on the Padverb team mostly find ourselves in that latter camp, which is to say that we’re listeners first and entrepreneurs a distant second.

Our site’s primary goal is to help listeners like ourselves discover, share, and organize engaging, informative, useful, or just plain enjoyable interviews.

We’ll therefore be adding many of them over the next weeks and months, so please do STAY TUNED!

The Padverb team

P.S. Did we mention that Elon Musk never fails to inform and entertain us? Listen to his interviews here.