We are all ears!

Care to tell us who we're missing?

It’s hard to believe, but our little site is already a month old. On April 12, backed by a smallish but carefully curated collection of interviews, we opened our virtual doors. Sure enough, hours later, one of our very first visitors typed in the name of someone we had only vaguely heard of and didn’t yet have listed in the database. The visitor was, we suspect, disappointed when the site returned no hits.

That was to be expected, of course. As much as we consider our initial collection to be a reasonably fair approximation of what our users in general might find interesting and fun to listen to, there are so many great hosts and lively guests out there that it’s unlikely that we’ll have everyone you might want to hear – at least, not right way. But we’re open to suggestions.

Which is why we’ve just added an easy way to request a new addition. As you type in the name of someone (interview guest or host) Padverb doesn’t yet recognize, you will probably notice a little suggestion card that pops up right under the search field.

Click there to go to the request page. With the name already pre-populated, it literally takes less than a second to send your request to us. We’ll try to add the person you wanted to listen to (as well as his or her interviews) as quickly as we can, possibly within hours.

And, of course, you can always send us a free-form message (see our contacts below).