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Hugh wrote about the very compliant White House press in his Fox News column today and whether they will actually show up for Joe Biden’s press conference at 5:30 (on the Salem News Channel). He also opened the show by reviewing the avalanche of bad news for Biden. The same questions dominated interviews with Senators

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10 Jul 2024 • EN

The Trump Platform

After Hugh reviews the news of the Democrats' fading hopes of forcing out the fading President Biden, he reviews the "Trump Platform" with Matt Continetti, author of "The Right," an intellectual history of conservatism. Matt is also a fellow at AEI and a regular contributor to the Commentary podcast. Plus Mary Katharin

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Hugh talks with David Drucker, Byron York and Bret Baier about the story shaking the White House and the Democratic Party: Is Joe Biden up to another run much less four and a half more years? Plus: Hugh speaks with Admiral James Stavridis (USN, Ret.) about the upcoming NATO summit and with Admiral Mike Studeman (USN, R

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08 Jul 2024 • EN

Punting Biden

Guests and callers all agreed today: President Biden should not stay president. Hugh talks with Senator Tom Cotton, Vic Matus, Salena Zito, David Bahnsen, Jim Geraghty, and callers about the erosion both of Joe Biden’s capacity to be president and the support for him in the country to keep shuffling on. See omnystudio.

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As promised, Hugh covers the mutiny of President Biden with audio clips on this special Saturday edition of Highly Concentrated Hugh. See for privacy information.

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05 Jul 2024 • EN

Mutiny! It’s a Mutiny!

The Democratic Party makes the gang waiting for Caesar at the Forum appear mild and amiable. To mix metaphors, every shark in the ocean is gathered round the shores of Delaware. Will Joe Biden’s candidacy make it through the weekend? Hugh talks with Sarah Bedford of the Washington Examiner about the crumbling support f

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