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NBC's "Sunday TODAY with Willie Geist" provides sharp, conversational coverage of the day's news, along with in-depth profiles of the people and ideas shaping our culture. In his “Sunday Sitdowns,” Geist chats with some of the biggest names in news and pop culture, from actors and musicians to presidents and CEOs, about the stories behind their success. This podcast features the full, unedited versions of those conversations for an even deeper look at the names in the headlines. "Sunday TODAY" airs live on NBC from 8 a.m. - 9 a.m. ET. Check your local listings.

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Willie Geist & Tina Fey 14 Jan 2024 • EN

Tina Fey

On this week's episode, Willie sat down with Tina Fey. They got together to talk about her rise from young "SNL" writer to comedy icon as she writes, produces, and stars in a new "Mean Girls" movie, two decades after the original. 

33 min
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07 Jan 2024 • EN

Emily Blunt 2024

On this week's episode, Willie sits down with Emily Blunt to talk about the all-star cast, her performance, and the award-season chatter around "Oppenheimer". 

28 min
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24 Dec 2023 • EN

Shonda Rhimes (May 2023)

On this week's episode, Willie sits downs with one of the most successful forces in Hollywood: Shonda Rhimes. Discussing everything from her first hit, Grey's Anatomy, to her most recent project, the Bridgerton spinoff, Queen Charlotte. (Original broadcast date May 7, 2023.)

39 min
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Willie Geist & Willem Dafoe 17 Dec 2023 • EN

Willem Dafoe

On this week's episode, Willie sits down with Willem Dafoe. They discuss his latest film, "Poor Things" - the stunning, fantastical film that has Hollywood talking - and a long career that ranges from "Platoon" to "Spider-Man".

41 min
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As a bonus for Sunday Sitdown fans, we’re sharing the trailer for season 2 of Morrison Mysteries, the original podcast from Dateline and Keith Morrison...  Each season, Keith Morrison takes listeners on a captivating ride through some of the most suspenseful and chilling works of fiction you’ll ever hear. Haunting stor

On this week's episode, Willie sits down with one of the biggest stars on the planet: Scarlett Johansson. They discuss stepping into the world of Wes Anderson in the new film, "Asteroid City", the secret behind the success of her new beauty line, "The Outset", and much more. (Original broadcast date June 18, 2023.)

46 min
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