Let's Talk About Cats

Updated: 31 Dec 2019 • 34 episodes

It’s the fast-paced, fact-packed, surprisingly enlightening show that believes in one small, furry truth: Tell me about your cat, and I’ll find out who you are. Come for fan-favorite segments like the Cat Quiz, the Hot Topic Debate, and Hey, You Need A Cat! Stay for honest conversations about being human… and being humans with cats.Your host is noted cat lady Mary Phillips-Sandy. Executive producer Lizzie Jacobs is indifferent about cats. Featuring an original theme song by Poingly, plus additional music by The English Muffins. Show logo by Julia Emiliani. Hosted on Acast. See acast.com/privacy for more information.

Show episodes

31 Dec 2019 • EN

Cat Advice (ft. Julian)

We’re taking a short break in January, but we’ll be back in February! In the meantime, resident cat expert Julian (age 5) is here to tell you everything he knows about cats and how to care for them. What do different meows mean? What’s the one thing you should never let a cat have? And what can you do if your cat is af

8 min
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24 Dec 2019 • EN

Cat Reviews (ft. Ruby)

Mary is joined by resident cat critic Ruby (age 6) to review cats up for adoption in the New York City area. If you like soccer, Beverly Cleary, or cats who “never give up" we may just have the pet for you. Plus: strong opinions about cat names, and a star rating system that goes beyond infinity. All cats were availabl

15 min
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11 Dec 2019 • EN

Kumar (ft. Steve Selvidge)

When guitarist Steve Selvidge isn’t touring with The Hold Steady, he’s home in Memphis with his extremely chill Maine Coon, Kumar, who likes to help assemble pedalboards. We investigate Memphis’s feline history, and Mary admits to almost getting carried away with this episode’s Quiz prize. Then Steve tells us about bei

25 min
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03 Dec 2019 • EN

Marnie (ft. Patrick Coker)

Alvin Ailey company member Patrick Coker was clueless about cats until he met Marnie—and he’s got the funniest new cat dad story we’ve ever heard. Naturally, Mary puts him to the test with a dance-themed Cat Quiz, which leads to a shocking revelation about a decades-long hoax. Then Patrick explains how Marnie (a gifted

29 min
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27 Nov 2019 • EN

Lulu (ft. Kelli Dunham)

Comedian, author, nurse, and ex-nun Kelli Dunham inherited her late partner’s cat. That’s actually not the most unusual thing Mary gets into in this episode: There’s a mixup at a livestock auction, plans for a cat cafe comedy tour, litter as penance, and tips for houseboat living. Mary and Kelli also delve into the har

31 min
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Reyhan Harmanci, Gimlet Media’s new deputy head of programming, joins Mary to brainstorm a hypothetical cat media project involving GoPros and tiny billboards. Then we discuss cat journalism, audacious cat escapes, what it’s like navigating career changes in this unpredictable world, and how wrangling cats and wranglin

33 min
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