5 Words with Sean Patton

Updated: 08 Jun 2021 • 87 episodes

They say that all great stories can be boiled down into just five words. Who are they? They are Sean Patton, host of the podcast 5 Words. And obviously, he is out of his mind. Each week your host challenges his guests to tell a story in just five words, and from which, ridiculicity ensues. Is ridiculicity a word? It is now, and it would be one of the many words we’d use to describe 5 Words with Sean Patton.

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Sean Patton & Raanan Hershberg 08 Jun 2021 • EN

87 - The return of Raanan Hershberg!

Hello dear legends! Nice to reacquaint you with one of our favorite guests, making his return in this episode, it’s Raanan Hershberg. He’s one of the top up and coming comedians here in NYC and always a great conversationalist. Like Santa Claus who only gives the gift of gab. We really get into the upcoming battle betw

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18 May 2021 • EN

86 - Wilfred Padua

Holy smokes this is a hot one! This week's guest is a good friend and up and coming NYC based comedian Wilfred Padua! He’s originally from Seattle and we had a real humdinger of a conversation. Wilfred is smart, funny, and the perfect level of narcissist. You’re gonna love him as much as I do. Here are five words to de

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27 Apr 2021 • EN

85 - Gastor Almonte

I met this week’s guest whilst filming an episode of Ari Shaffir’s This is Not Happening. He immediately stood out as a great storyteller and overall good human being by the name of Gastor Almonte. He co-hosts a great podcast called The War Report (with 5 Words alum Shalewe Sharpe from episode ). We really chow down on

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20 Apr 2021 • EN

84 - Tanael Joachim

Hello dear legends, and welcome back! And I’m saying that to myself, as we are returning from a slight hiatus. Gotta get back out on the road! Vaxxed up, of course. This week’s guest is an all around top-tier gentleman named Tanael Joachim. He’s a comedian from Haiti now living here in NYC and is one of the true up-and

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23 Mar 2021 • EN

83 - Erica Rhodes

Way back in 2019, this week’s guest and I dropped our albums on the same day. So obviously, she was destined to be on the podcast. It’s Prairie Home Companion’s own Erica Rhodes! And yes, you read that right. She’s been a voice actor since she was 10, so using her vocal skills to entertain the masses was a natural tran

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Sean Patton & Cipha Sounds 09 Mar 2021 • EN

82 - Cipha Sounds

Coming at you from the greenroom of The Comedy Fort in Fort Collins, Colorado, this week’s episode not only features the return of my co-host but also the return of one of our favorite guests. The guest? None other than the sultan of Hot 97 turned Hot 97% approval-rated comedian himself, Cipha Sounds! We were doing sho

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