Doing it... My Way

Updated: 21 Jun 2023 • 43 episodes

Chris and Pat, two friends that spent 15 years together selling Ferraris and talking to entrepreneurs invite you to hear the stories of accomplished entrepreneurs that built America. Listen to these modern day Captains of industry share their stories...their early days, their highs and lows and everything in between. Doing it...My Way!

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21 Jun 2023 • EN

#43 Bob Searles

Tonight's guest is Bob Searles, long time California commercial real estate developer that leveraged relationships, family and college buddies to form the foundation of his long, successful career. Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Enjoy.

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10 Jun 2023 • EN

#42 David Steffy

Tonight's guest is David Steffy, healthcare and hospital investor and executive...midwestern Ohio boy that served our country in the Army and that experience put him on the path to success!

63 min
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02 Jun 2023 • EN

#41 Sweet James

You've heard him on the radio, seen his TV commercials and 100's of billboards throughout major cities but now take some time to meet the real Sweet James...James Bergener. From humble beginnings James took an interesting path to success while becoming one of the country's leading accident attorneys. Jump in and listen

71 min
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19 May 2023 • EN

#40 Laura Wright

The accidental entrepreneur? The reluctant entrepreneur? The hesitant entrepreneur? Add them together and what do you get? This successful entrepreneur...Laura Wright. Take a trip with us and hear her story that takes her from pool parties in the Inland Empire to shaved ice parties in Orange County. It's a trip.... Sit

89 min
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07 Apr 2023 • EN

#39 Dave Mirsky

The draw to California has always been super strong...listen to equipment leasing titan Dave Mirsky's path from NY to Southern California in the 70's...take chances, be adventurous! Enjoy...

81 min
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31 Mar 2023 • EN

#38 Cyrus

The American Dream rules! Listen to the story of a young boy who arrived in the rust belt of America from Tehran, Iran and worked his way to the top of the auto finance business. Cyrus's story is one for the ages! A true car guy turning his passion into a successful business! Enjoy!

91 min
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