Diving into Deep Waters

Updated: 12 Jan 2024 • 154 episodes

Join Erin as she dives into real-life topics that all of us can relate to. Diving into deep waters can sometimes be overwhelming but we aren’t doing it alone. Through our relationship with Jesus Christ, we find the strength and courage to be all in. Erin and her husband Paul are the founders and Pastors at Hope Community Christian Church. They are the proud parents of four amazing kids.

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12 Jan 2024 • EN

Relatable Parents

After sending my daughter to Tennessee to begin her new journey of life I found myself on the struggle bus. Then I remembered we hadn’t finished Luke 2 which talks about Mary and Joseph dedicating Jesus and raising Him. I found comfort in them navigating being parents and found some similarities that eased my parental

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05 Jan 2024 • EN


You might have said goodbye to “2023” but let’s not dismiss it so quickly. Could it be there are valuable things we learned that will help us as we enter “2024”? Not convinced? Well let’s dive in and see!

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22 Dec 2023 • EN

A Child Is Born

We have all read the Christmas story but knowing some behind the scene facts may help us appreciate this account in scripture a little more. May you be blessed as we dive into the story of His birth. From us to you…. We wish you a very Merry Christmas.

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15 Dec 2023 • EN

The Christmas Story

After being bamboozled I’ve been pretty sensitive to people telling the truth. Luke gets me. He starts of Luke Chapter 1 with telling us that he himself has carefully investigated everything that he is about to tell us. The story leading up to Jesus birth and His birth are actual events! I’m here for it! Join in on his

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08 Dec 2023 • EN

A Lie Exposed

This is our 150th episode recorded and produced! We celebrate that despite the fact we received information that made us have to pull one of our past episodes. This was an extremely hard episode to do but in keeping with what we believe our purpose is we felt we needed to expose a lie. Our hope is that despite that lie

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10 Nov 2023 • EN

Ruth Part 4

As sad as I am to wrap up this series on Ruth I am excited to bring it all together. We will see God’s hand in the history of this story and the correlation of Boaz being Ruth’s kinsmen-redeemer to Jesus being ours.

51 min
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