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DEFIANT: showing a disposition to challenge, resist, or fight. In a world where political correctness has turned into woke culture, success is demonized, and self-censorship has become the norm, DEFIANT aims to break through the silence and weakness and speak the truth. This is about finding your inner beast, striving for greatness, achieving your highest level, and being DEFIANT against all odds. #BeDEFIANT

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08 Dec 2023 • EN

Uncommon Ground

Brett is joined by Dennis Smythe where they discuss differing opinions on all things politics.  In today's society, rational debate is rarely seen while people either remain in their preferred echo chamber for confirmation bias or resort to insults and shouting to get their point across.  This is a refreshing debate th

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24 Nov 2023 • EN

V.E.T. Ft. Deke Letson

Brett is joined today by Deke Letson with Veterans Exploration Therapy (V.E.T.)  Deke shares his experiences being on Active Duty in the United States Army serving in Iraq and the struggles he has personally dealt with coming home.  PTSD is a very real for military members and Deke's mission is to help the Veteran Comm

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Brett is joined today by Aaron Rask who is a returning guest.  Brett and Aaron recently completed the #LiveHard program and together they discuss lessons learned through their year long journey, successes, struggles, and takeaways from the life changing program.  75Hard / LiveHard is credited to Andy Frisella for creat

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10 Nov 2023 • EN

Practice Freedom

Brett discusses the recent "off year" election cycle and how local politics should be just as important as national politics.  Brett uses analogies such as failing to exercise, eat healthy, not working hard or efficient, not reading or educating yourself, and ultimately not practicing your rights of free speech& voting

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Brett is joined today by Beth Huddleston & Tiffany McKee to discuss all things hormone health.  Beth has an extensive background in the medical field with degrees/certifications as an RN, BSN, FNP-BC, with a Masters in Nursing.  She's served 12 years as a Registered Nurse, mostly in ER/trauma/acute care and is a NP wit

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27 Oct 2023 • EN

Divide and Conquer

Brett talks about the divisiveness on our society and how that's perpetuated by governments around the world as well as mainstream media outlets.  He gives his thoughts on the current events in the Middle East and encourages everyone to think before picking sides and realize we are nothing more than ants in a jar being

40 min
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