iOS App Privacy Policy

How the Padverb iOS app works

The Padverb iOS app allows you to discover, organize, and listen to great podcast interviews. Each app user has a home feed, which aggregates their subscriptions.

App users can follow any public profile, including podcast interview hosts and guests. When a profile is followed and new interviews featuring it appear in our podcast index, they are automatically added to the follower's home feed.

Any podcast episode can be listened to, liked, and bookmarked. Other platform users, if they made their profile public through the Padverb web site, can also be followed. Following listeners with public profiles means that any interviews they liked will be added to the follower's home feed.

Two ways to use our app

Our iOS app can be used in two modes: incognito user and registered user.

The default, incognito, mode allows using the app without registration. When you first install and launch the app, it will work in incognito mode. This means that all your subscriptions, likes, and bookmarks are stored on your device and no user account is created on the server: the app simply downloads relevant information based on your subscriptions.

However, the Padverb web site provides additional functionality which requires user registration. If you have already created a web account through our web site, you can choose to log into it using our app. This will give you full access to all your subscription information, bookmarks, and likes stored on the web server. The advantage is that you can use both the web interface and the app interchangeably.

App Usage Information We Collect

The app sends information requests to the server, which responds with data and usually logs the request. Resulting logs contain the requesting user ID, the user's IP address, as well as the specifics of the information requested (e.g. profile or episode information, the list of episodes in the user's home feed, the list of bookmarked episodes, etc) and a summary of the response sent back by the server.

This information is processed and logged both for the purposes of providing the app's core functionality as well as for maintenance and debugging purposes.

Information We Don't Collect

Our app neither requests access to nor collects or stores users' location, contacts, or photos.

Personally Identifiable Information We Use

If you log in with your Padverb user account, the email address linked to the account is sent to the server for authorization. Logging in allows you to "synchronize" your subscriptions, bookmarks, and likes between the app and the web site interface, but is not required. You can use the app without logging in by staying in incognito mode.

How We Use The Information We Collect

We use the information to provide you with the service and to be able to improve our app's functionality.

Who We Share The Information We Collect With

We do utilize a third-party software development kit (SDK) which helps us monitor the health of our app and debug potential problems. The use of such automated real-time SDK is standard industry practice. Part of the SDK's function is to help prevent crashes and other problems by periodically taking a "snapshot" of the activity occurring within the app. Such snapshots may occasionally include information linked to the current user account (if applicable). Below is the link to privace policy of the sole SDK we are using (Sentry):

We reserve the right to use and share personal data for legal reasons – for example, to defend our company against legal action, or in response to a subpoena.

Deleting Your User Account

If you are using the app as a registered user, you can delete your account directly in the app. To do that simply log in, tap on the My Stuff icon in the bottom navigation, and tap "Delete Account." You will be asked for your password one more time to confirm this action.

Deleting your account is an irreversible step. In addition to the basic login information (email, password), it will also delete all your profile subscriptions, episode bookmarks, and episode likes. Finally, if you have linked a public profile to your user account, this public profile will be wiped clean: your picture, bio, social media links, etc will be removed, the profile's web page slug will be changed to a randomly generated sequence of characters (thus releasing the previously used web ID to be used by others), and the web page associated with the account will be removed.

Questions? Concerns?

Please feel free to reach out: