Yannis Pappas – Bert Kreischer

Yannis Pappas is a comedian and an interview host. Bert Kreischer is a comedian, an interview host, and an actor. We found 2 podcast interviews connecting Yannis Pappas and Bert Kreischer.

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Episodes with Yannis Pappas & Bert Kreischer

Bert Kreischer & Yannis Pappas 02 Feb 2022 • EN

# 503 - Yannis Pappas & ME

Today, I sit down with comedian Yannis Pappas. We talk about Greece, growing up in Brooklyn, breaking up a dog fight with Whitney, the art of story telling, Kama Sutra, and much more!    Follow Yannis Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/yannispappas  Twitter: https://twitter.com/yannispappas    Check out his Podcast “

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Bert Kreischer & Yannis Pappas + Chris Distefano 07 May 2021 • EN

# 463 - Chris Distefano, Yannis Pappas & ME

Today I sit down with Chris Distefano and Yannis Pappas. We talk about why they stopped doing History Hyenas, WWI, Japan, Greeks, Partying, and much more!     This episode is also brought to you by Raycon. Get 15% off your order at https://www.buyraycon.com/bertcast    This episode is also brought to you by SA. Buy one

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