Tyler Cowen – Chris Blattman

Tyler Cowen is an economist, interview host, and author. Chris Blattman is an economist and a social scientist. We found 2 podcast interviews connecting Tyler Cowen and Chris Blattman.

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Episodes with Tyler Cowen & Chris Blattman

Tyler Cowen & Chris Blattman 04 May 2022 • EN

Chris Blattman on War and Centralized Power

What causes war? Many scholars have spent their careers attempting to study the psychology of leaders to understand what incentivizes them to undertake the human and financial costs of conflict, but economist and political scientist Chris Blattman takes a different approach to understanding interstate violence. He retu

48 min
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Tyler Cowen & Chris Blattman 14 Mar 2018 • EN

Chris Blattman on Development, Conflict, and Doing What’s Interesting

Chris Blattman’s made his career as a development economist by finding a place he likes and finding a reason to live there. Not a bad strategy considering the impact of the work he’s done in Liberia, Uganda, and most recently, Colombia. He joins Tyler to talk about what he’s learned from his work there, including the e

60 min
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