Tom Luongo – Matthew Ehret

Tom Luongo is an essayist, an interview host, and a publisher. Matthew Ehret is an interview host, a historian, and an author. We found 4 podcast interviews connecting Tom Luongo and Matthew Ehret.

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Episodes with Tom Luongo & Matthew Ehret

Matthew Ehret & Tom Luongo 09 Dec 2023 • EN

Tom Luongo on Connecting the Dots with Matt Ehret - 10 December 2023

On today's show, Tom Luongo discusses the geo-economic breakdown. GUEST OVERVIEW: Tom Luongo is a former research chemist and financial/political commentator specialising in the intersection of geopolitics, financial markets, gold and cryptocurrencies. He is producer of the Gold, Goats 'n Guns blog and podcast. Tom is

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Tom Luongo & Matthew Ehret 11 May 2023 • EN

Episode #142 - Matt Ehret and the Coronation of King Putz III

Matt Ehret joins me for a whirlwind tour of the effects of the British Crown on global politics for the past couple hundred years and why last week's coronation of Charles III is more consequential than many want to believe. Matt Ehret Links Global Britain and King Charles' Great Reset Canadian Patriot Tom Luongo This

79 min
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Tom Luongo & Matthew Ehret 08 Nov 2022 • EN

Episode #121 - Matt Ehret and the Unseen Intentions of U.S. History

Author and Historian Matt Ehret joins me for a lively discussion from Aristotle's effect on modern bad historians to Aaron Burr's thrice failed attempts to undermine the American Revolution and why we should never, ever let the agents of the British aristocracy run around in the dark. Show Notes: Matt's Substack https:

91 min
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Historian and geopolitical commentator Matt Ehret joins me for a wide-ranging discussion on the current state of of world politics and what it means in a philosophical and metaphoric sense. Ultimately, the theme of the day is how do we as idea men lead people out of the wilderness to see the false reality that's been c

85 min
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