Spencer Bailey – Peter Sarsgaard

Spencer Bailey is an interview host. Peter Sarsgaard is an actor. We found 1 podcast interview connecting Spencer Bailey and Peter Sarsgaard.

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Episodes with Spencer Bailey & Peter Sarsgaard

Spencer Bailey + Andrew Zuckerman & Peter Sarsgaard 01 May 2019 • EN

Peter Sarsgaard on Long-Distance Running, Mandolin Playing, and Horticulture

The actor Peter Sarsgaard cannot be pinned down. He may be best-known for his portrayal of John Lotter in 1999’s Boy’s Don’t Cry. Or as Charles Lane in the 2003’s Shattered Glass. Or perhaps for his roles in films like Garden State (2004), Green Lantern (2011), and Jackie (2016). Or maybe as the CIA chief in the 2018 H

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