Sergey Nazarov – Aaron Malone

Sergey Nazarov is an entrepreneur. Aaron Malone is an entrepreneur, a media personality, and an interview host. We found 1 podcast interview connecting Sergey Nazarov and Aaron Malone.

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Episodes with Sergey Nazarov & Aaron Malone

Aaron Malone + Bryce Paul & Sergey Nazarov 06 Apr 2020 • EN

Ep. 319 - A Conversation with Chainlink founder, Sergey Nazarov

In this episode of CRYPTO 101, brought to you by eToro, we sat down with Sergey Nazarov, founder of Chainlink. Chainlink has had a very impressive and successful past couple years inking a very cool partnership with Google Cloud, amongst several others. We break down what a future running on irreversible, autonomous, m