Matt Lewis – Michael Malice

Matt Lewis is a journalist, an interview host, and an author. Michael Malice is an author, an interview host, and a journalist. We found 3 podcast interviews connecting Matt Lewis and Michael Malice.

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Episodes with Matt Lewis & Michael Malice

Michael Malice & Matt Lewis 19 Jul 2023 • EN

Matt Lewis - Episode #268

Michael Malice (“YOUR WELCOME”) is joined by political commentator, podcaster, and author, Matt Lewis, to talk about the deeply seeded corruption of The Left, why politicians typically serve their financial interests first, and how the elite rich look after one another, especially when it comes to getting elected.  Gra

88 min
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Matt Lewis & Michael Malice 12 Jan 2022 • EN

Michael Malice on The Anarchist Handbook

Michael Malice, bestselling celebrity ghostwriter, and author of Dear Reader, The New Right, and The Anarchist Handbook, talks about anarchism and why Donald Trump isn't a good vessel for Trumpism.

47 min
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Matt Lewis & Michael Malice 13 Jan 2020 • EN

Michael Malice on Mental Health

Michael Malice shares some strategies for dealing with setbacks and melancholy.

39 min
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