Mark Blyth – Bryan Callen

Mark Blyth is an economist and author. Bryan Callen is an interview host, a comedian, and an actor. We found 2 podcast interviews connecting Mark Blyth and Bryan Callen.

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Episodes with Mark Blyth & Bryan Callen

Bryan Callen + Hunter Maats & Mark Blyth 23 Apr 2018 • EN

Balancing Wealth: Mark Blyth

Mark Blyth is a friend of the podcast and an economist at Brown University. Of note in this episode: a college professor pays a marginal tax rate higher than corporations. What matters is paying fair shares, so people like Bryan Callen don't have to pay extra.  Be sure to go to, support

66 min
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Bryan Callen + Hunter Maats & Mark Blyth 26 Feb 2018 • EN

Not So Austere: Mark Blyth

Mark Blyth is a badass economist and a True Scotsman. He teaches at the Watson Institute at Brown University, and wrote a couple of books on economics. He's also hilarious. Check out Mark’s books, Austerity and Great Transformations. Mixed Mental Arts is now an Audible affiliate and an Amazon affiliate. We have a paypa

108 min
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