Jonathan Fields – Amy Porterfield

Jonathan Fields is an entrepreneur, author, and interview host. Amy Porterfield is a marketer, an interview host, and an author. We found 2 podcast interviews connecting Jonathan Fields and Amy Porterfield.

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Episodes with Jonathan Fields & Amy Porterfield

Jonathan Fields & Amy Porterfield 09 Feb 2023 • EN

Is Entrepreneurship Right for You? | Amy Porterfield

Ever wonder if entrepreneurship is for you? Whether starting a personal business like coaching or consulting, building around an idea, platform, technology or product, teaching others what you know, either in person or through books, courses and talks, heading out on your own, blazing your own path can be scary. And, t

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Amy Porterfield & Jonathan Fields 25 Oct 2021 • EN

#402: The Innovative Strategy For Avoiding Burnout With Jonathan Fields

How Entrepreneurs Do The Work That Drives Them How’s your breathing today?  Deep and restorative? (Or did that question just prompt your first deep inhale of the day?) And your shoulders? High and tight OR relaxed, breezy, and unburdened by the weight of the world?  (I bet I can guess.)  The unfortunate reality is that

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