Jeremy Black – Charles Coutinho

Jeremy Black is a historian and an author. Charles Coutinho is a non-profit executive and an interview host. We found 4 podcast interviews connecting Jeremy Black and Charles Coutinho.

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Episodes with Jeremy Black & Charles Coutinho

Charles Coutinho & Jeremy Black 25 Nov 2023 • EN

Jeremy Black, "A Brief History of History" (Indiana UP, 2023)

In A Brief History of History (Indiana UP, 2023), acclaimed historian Jeremy Black seeks to reinvigorate and redefine our ideas about history. The stories we tell about the past are a crucial aspect of all cultures. However, while the traditional storytelling process—what we think of as "history" in the proper sense—is

29 min
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Charles Coutinho & Jeremy Black 23 Sep 2022 • EN

Jeremy Black, "A Brief History of London" (Little Brown, 2022)

As the United Kingdom left the European Union, during a period of international and domestic turmoil, London found itself at a turning point. This critical moment presents an opportunity to look back, with a distinctive perspective, a focus on London in its national and, perhaps even more importantly, its international

47 min
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