Hrvoje Morić – Derrick Broze

Hrvoje Morić is an interview host. Derrick Broze is an author and a journalist. We found 1 podcast interview connecting Hrvoje Morić and Derrick Broze.

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Episodes with Hrvoje Morić & Derrick Broze

Hrvoje Morić & Derrick Broze 20 Dec 2022 • EN

Derrick Broze: Resisting & Opting Out of the Great Reset

Derrick Broze discusses the incoming threats of technocracy, smart cities, and the Algorithm Ghetto. Covid was a total technocratic operation to get us to “trust the experts”. Agenda 2030 has co-opted the environmental movement and has gone to an extreme in socially engineering society by pushing bikes instead of autom

53 min
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