Roman Prokopchuk – Vera-Lee Curnow

Roman Prokopchuk is a marketer, an interview host, and an entrepreneur. Vera-Lee Curnow is a coach / mentor and an entrepreneur. We found 1 podcast interview connecting Roman Prokopchuk and Vera-Lee Curnow.

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Episodes with Roman Prokopchuk & Vera-Lee Curnow

Roman Prokopchuk & Vera-Lee Curnow 21 Jan 2023 • EN

Ep #317 Why Me Interview With Vera-Lee Curnow The WhyMe Movement

I got to interview Vera-Lee Curnow. The WhyMe Movement was founded by Vera-Lee Curnow after multiple near death experiences and adversities in her life. One pivotal moment waking from a coma where she was not expected to survive, Vera-Lee explains how opening her eyes to the world with a fresh perspective, seeing colou

41 min
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