Morteza Hajizadeh – Michael Gordin

Morteza Hajizadeh is a historian, an interview host, and a media theorist. Michael Gordin is a historian and an author. We found 8 podcast interviews connecting Morteza Hajizadeh and Michael Gordin.

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Episodes with Morteza Hajizadeh & Michael Gordin

Morteza Hajizadeh & Michael Gordin 27 Sep 2023 • EN

Michael D. Gordin, "Pseudoscience: A Very Short Introduction" (Oxford UP, 2023)

Everyone has heard of the term "pseudoscience," typically used to describe something that looks like science, but is somehow false, misleading, or unproven. Many would be able to agree on a list of things that fall under its umbrella - astrology, phrenology, UFOlogy, creationism, and eugenics might come to mind. But de

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