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Josh Horowitz & Jordan Peele + Hoyte Van Hoytema 16 Jan 2023 • EN

Jordan Peele (Vol. II) & Hoyte Van Hoytema

If any 2022 film demands a deep spoiler dive, it's NOPE and here it is! Josh gets geeky about the filmmaking process and the mysteries of NOPE with writer/director Jordan Peele and legendary cinematogrpaher Hoyte Van Hoytema! To watch episodes of Happy Sad Confused, subscribe to Josh's youtube channel here! Check out t

49 min
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Judy Rodman & Gena Thurston 15 Jan 2023 • EN

Gena Thurston Interview - PT for Voices

Gena Thurston, PT/DPT/CIDN has worked with all kinds of voices, including the cast of Hamilton. She has a unique, hands-on, highly effective approach to vocal issues that she shares with me on this episode. I trust her enough to be the only one I've ever let manipulate my own larynx! Find Gena in Nashville at https://s

29 min
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Jodi Krangle & Jeanna Isham 06 Oct 2021 • EN

The Sound of Marketing: An Interview with Jeanna Isham - Part 2

“This is about an enhancement. This is about a more immersive experience, not even an immersive audio experience, but an immersive experience because even if we tried and we just wanted to experience one sense, we can't." Jeanna Isham This week’s episode is the second half of my interview with composer, podcaster, and

22 min
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Jodi Krangle & Jeanna Isham 29 Sep 2021 • EN

The Sound of Marketing: An Interview with Jeanna Isham - Part 1

“I really like creating but it is a lot of work and one thing that I have noticed is that companies and even industries do not fully understand the potential of sonic branding.” Jeanna Isham This episode's guest has over twenty years of audio experience, ranging from film composition and production music through the wo

24 min
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Gary McCants & Robert Rogers 18 Apr 2021 • EN

Robert Rogers: Author, Singer and Songwriter

What if you lost all of those persons you loved in 1 single day? Robert has risen above adversity and freely shared his compelling  message across the country by invitation over 1,300 times to at least  300,000 people personally, as well as with ABC, CBS, CNN, EWTN, Montel  Williams, Integrity Film & Video, the Billy G

89 min
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#PodcastersForJustice Seven-time Emmy nominee and co-creator of the hit TV series "How I Met Your Mother," Carter Bays, spoke to me about working with David Letterman, being a recovering TV writer, and his debut novel "The Mutual Friend."  Carter Bays is best known as the co-creator of the sitcom How I Met Your Mother

36 min
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